Pearl Girlz interactive workshops are based in educational research and designed to bring awareness and prevention to the growing epidemic of female aggression and girl bullying. Prevention workshops are conducted with age-appropriate power points and include real-world scenarios and media clips that illustrate the harmful effects of girl bullying. Each workshop is created to empower every girl to value her inner beauty and see herself as a confident, talented, and beautiful leader who possesses a unique gift that only she can share with the world! Administrators, educators, guidance counselors, parents and organizational leaders are also empowered through research based training sessions that address the need for a holistic approach to girl bullying prevention.

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V.I.R. Around the Mean Girls

Female aggression & Girl Bullying

Pearl Girl Workshops

This workshop requires participants to define and identify the three most common types of female aggression. V.I.R. stands for Verbal aggression, Indirect aggression, and Relational aggression. Attendees are given real-world scenarios and role-play researched-based strategies to veer (V.I.R.) around aggression. These 2-hour workshops are conducted with age-appropriate power points and media clips illustrating the harmful effects of girl bullying. Workshops are designed for girls ages 10-18, and teach girls how to diffuse aggressive situations involving other girls with dignity and self-respect. Participants will learn and apply effective communication skills from their “Toolbox of Options” that help them to be assertive and stand up for themselves when facing aggressive situations with other girls. This workshop encourages girls stop to think about the harmful effects that her words and actions may have before she acts or speaks negatively about another girl. The session will also provide self-esteem activities that empower each girl to celebrate the value of her own unique identity! The Superintendent’s Screening Committee of Broward County Public Schools, the 6th largest school district in the U.S., has approved the female aggression and girl bullying prevention workshop to be taught in its middle and high schools based on the alignment with the Florida Sunshine State Standards.

V.I.R. Around Mean Girls Part I
Identifying and preventing female aggression & girl bullying
(90 minutes) = $25/girl

V.I.R. Around Mean Girls Part II
Role-Playing Real-World Scenarios with “Toolbox of Options”
(90 minutes) = $25/girl

Loving the Skin You’re In

Building Healthy Self-Esteem in Girls

Pearl Girl Workshops

Pro-social workshops include “Loving the Skin You’re In!” This 1-hour workshop focuses on the importance of building healthy self-esteem in tween and teen girls. Participants will define and identify 10 important characteristics of positive self-esteem and implement five specific ways to combat low self-esteem. This session will also provide reflection activities that help girls to reflect on their own stereotypes of femininity as they work together to create a language in which they embrace and celebrate themselves as young ladies. Girls are introduced to the four principles of a Pearl Girl - A one-of-a-kind girl who: 1) Values her own unique identity. 2) Celebrates sisterhood. 3) Reflects beauty from the inside out. 4) Thinks and acts like the lady she will proudly become in the future. This workshop utilizes a full-length mirror, girl power songs, and poetry in order to empower every girl to value her inner beauty and see herself as a confident, beautiful, and talented leader who possesses a unique gift that only she can share with the world.

Loving the Skin You’re In!
(90 minutes)= $25/girl

Identifying Relational Aggression & Girl Bullying at Your School

Pearl Girl Workshops

This is a 90-minute workshop specifically designed for administrators, educators, guidance counselors, and organizational leaders. Through an interactive power point presentation, participants will define and identify how the combination of direct verbal aggression and indirect aggression construct Relational Aggression (RA); the most popular form of girl aggression that influences girl bullying. The facilitator will present educational research highlighting the causative analysis of Relational Aggression as well as the 5 best strategies to reduce and prevent RA in their schools and communities. Attendees will have the opportunity to utilize researched based surveys on Relational Aggression and Cyberbullying which can serve as a baseline assessment in order to determine the need for intervention. Professionals in schools and organizations can better serve their students and members when they understand what is known about RA, how it influences behavior, and how it relates to the future social adjustment of girls.

I Am Somebody!
(90 minutes) = $25/girl

The Art of Saying Thank-You!

Thank-you Notes

In a world consumed with e-vites, e-cards, and e-mail, taking time to write a personalized thank-you note has seemingly become a thing of the past. In this one-hour workshop, participants will learn how the art of writing a thank-you note on quality stationery will make them stand out from the crowd. Stories of successful businesswomen and celebrities will be shared to demonstrate the impact of writing a powerful thank-you note. Step-by-step instructions of how to specifically tailor a thank-you note after receiving a gift, attending a birthday party, job interview, or any special occasion will give participants a life-long skill that will be appreciated for years to come. During this session, participants will draft and write a final copy of their own personalized thank-you note.

The Art of Saying Thank-You!
(one hour) = $20/girl

Ophelia Project Teacher Training Sessions

Long after the workshops have ended, Pearl Girlz is empowering educators to continue to bring educational awareness to the harmful effects of Relational Aggression. These 90-minute teacher training sessions have been developed from the renowned Ophelia Project curriculum. The Ophelia Project, formerly the national leading organization for addressing Relational Aggression and promoting positive systemic change in social culture dissolved in December 2012. This ground-breaking curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards and was recently made available in order for others to continue to bring awareness to Relational Aggression. Pearl Girlz lends its expertise in female aggression to facilitate teacher training workshops and model how to effectively use this curriculum; in so doing, teachers and administrators can be sure that every lesson brings added value. These lesson plans will reinforce the main objectives taught in the Pearl Girlz workshops.

Ophelia Project Teacher Training Sessions
(six one-hour lessons) =$100/teacher

Ophelia Project Relational Aggression Series

Relational Aggression Series for Middle School or High School

This research-based curriculum derived from Ophelia Project seeks to empower girls in middle school and high school girls to identify, assess, and reduce relational aggression. Through the use of anecdotes, video clips, group activities, small group discussion, and reflections, girls will develop strategies for creating safe social climates and maintaining healthy friendships. This six-lesson curriculum is designed to provide girls with an opportunity for communication, exploration, expression, and reflection in developing healthy friendships and leadership opportunities, as well as establishing norms for social climates. This curriculum will stimulate participants to stop and think about the impact of relational aggression on girls’ lives, friendships, and self-concept. The lessons include The Language of Peer Aggression, The Bystander, Normative Beliefs, Friendship, Leadership, and Cyberbullying. The ultimate goal of this curriculum is to shape healthy peer relationships for today’s girls and young women.

Ophelia Project Relational Aggression Series
Middle School or High School curriculum
(six one-hour sessions) = $100/girl

I Am Somebody!

Empowerment Poetry Workshop

See yourself with “new eyes,” as a part of all kinds of different thing you love. This poetry workshop will require girls to use figurative and sensory language to describe themselves using their favorite things. Participants will define and identify similes and metaphors in two sample poems to use as a guide when developing their own original poems. Girls will draft and create a colorful final copy of their poems using real word images that create an overall positive dominant impression of their individual personalities. The final outcome of this 10 line one-of-a-kind masterpiece will empower each girl to value her own unique identity in a beautiful keepsake poem that is sure to treasured.

I Am Somebody!
(90 minutes) = $25/girl

Support Your Girl!

Parent Awareness Workshop

Build a strong foundation of support for your daughter during her middle and high school years. Pearl Girlz workshops for parents brings educational awareness to the hidden culture of relational aggression and helps parents to understand conflicts involving other girls from their daughter’s perspective. This workshop defines relational aggression and identifies five specific prevention strategies for parents to effectively address, communicate, and validate their daughter’s social concerns. This session will address teaching empathy, staying connected, reframing hurtful behaviors, discussing alternatives, establishing boundaries and much more! Just as girls need to be prepared to handle aggressive situations with other girls in a calm assertive manner, parents need to be properly equipped to support their daughters when these situations occur.

Support Your Girl!
(90 minutes) = $25/person

Pearl Girlz Sisterhood Bracelet Making Parties

- coming soon!

Adding a custom designed Pearl Girlz sisterhood bracelet to remind girls to stop and think before they post, text, or speak is sure to be treasured by every girl! Add Pearl Girlz Bracelet to your workshop ($15/girl). All proceeds support Pearl Girlz program.

  • Travel expenses and hotel accommodations will be charged if the location is beyond a 50-mile radius of the event.

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