About The Founder

Joyce L. Davis

“After years of extensive educational research and finally submitting to that undeniable inner voice, Pearl Girlz is the culmination of my sincere desire and purpose to make a difference in the lives of young girls. I realized that there was a ‘special education’ that was needed beyond my middle school language arts classroom. Girls needed a safe environment that validated the conflicts, issues, and concerns they were facing on a daily basis. A prosocial education that emphasized conflict resolution and assertive behavior would help to prepare girls to be strong, self-assured, confident leaders. As the founder and Executive Director of Pearl Girlz, LLC., I have a clearly defined mission to "celebrate the unique pearl in every girl!" This is accomplished by providing female aggression/girl bullying prevention workshops and prosocial training programs that offer teen girls the necessary tools to be successful in life, to appreciate their total beauty and to be proud of their own unique identity. Realizing that parents, administrators, teachers, community and organizational leaders play a major role in the positive future social adjustment of girls, I have designed a tailored curriculum and various training sessions to help them address female aggression and girl bullying prevention in a holistic way. I invite you to join me in uplifting & empowering our next generation of phenomenal women.”

Carpe diem,
Ms. Davis