Lauren Galley

Passion: Mentoring Teen Girls giving them Confidence and Courage to make a difference in their generation!

Middle school is a crazy time for every teenager. You begin to discover dating, drama, making friends, losing them, and at the same time your trying to keep your grades on top of all these emotions that are running fast My middle school experience was no exception. I had one experience in particular that has stuck with me that I will never forget.

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Laura Fleming

Passion: creative projects: writing, baking, crafts, arts, etc.

I started getting bullied in the sixth grade. I had just moved from a private school to a public school where I only knew one person. I was going through what my mother called “my awkward years” when my body was changing (just not as quickly as the other girls). I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup, I didn’t know a thing about fashion, I had braces, wore my hair in a messy bun and wasn’t allowed to shave or pluck a single hair on my body.

Girls would make fun of me because I had thick, bushy eyebrows that connected in the middle of my face. I had a dark patch of hair above my upper lip and hairy legs. Not only did they call me gross and ugly and tell me to wax my facial hair, they also made fun of my last name. Apparently, Fleming sounds so much like phlegm, that they thought it would be cute to call me Flemmer, or Flem-wad. Most times they just cleared their throat making a really gross sound before spitting at me.

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