To eliminate girl bullying through educational awareness and empower every girl to celebrate the value of her own unique identity.


To be the world’s leading girls’ empowerment organization in bringing educational awareness to the hidden culture of female aggression through girl bullying prevention workshops and prosocial training programs.



  • Define the role of verbal aggression, indirect aggression, relational aggression and pro-social behavior in the prediction of junior high and high school girls' future social adjustment.
  • Provide researched-based strategies that demonstrate the immediate and long-term harmful effects of girl bullying.
  • Use current events and real-world experiences as a vehicle to prevention.
  • Bring educational awareness to cyberbullying & demonstrate how social media is being misused to escalate girl bullying.
  • Provide real-world applications that empower girls to diffuse aggressive encounters with assertiveness, dignity and self-respect.


  • Empower every girl to value her own unique identity
  • Embrace sisterhood by celebrating the individual talents in all girls
  • Provide a culture & environment that is emotionally & socially safe, where girls are respected and empowered.
  • Focus on social skills and social relations training in order to build healthy self-esteem within each girl and develop empowering communication