Our History

Pearl Girlz History

Whispering, pointing, laughing, gossiping, name-calling, ignoring, excluding, back-stabbing, and texting. These are just a few of the behaviors I witnessed from my 8th grade girls on a daily basis. As a Language Arts teacher for 8 years, I was keenly attuned to the hidden, subtle, sophisticated language of aggressive girls in my classroom and it was preventing many of my female student’s ability to learn. Determined to tackle this problem head-on and find a real solution that would effectively address this “mean girl” behavior, I embarked on journey that would result in the creation of Pearl Girlz, LLC.

In 2001, I became the Director of “One Step Up,” a girls mentoring group at Southwest Academy. We focused on building positive healthy self-esteem and relationships among girls through pro-social activities. When the girls were engaged in unifying empowerment activities that bonded them as girls, there was increased solidarity and less aggressive behavior. They were proud of their own individuality and celebrated the achievements of their fellow members. There was a sense of true sisterhood in which the girls formed healthy friendships.

In 2004, I continued my quest to find a solution by going to graduate school where I began educational research on female aggression in junior high school girls. I was absolutely shocked to find out that there were formal terms, definitions, and research to explain what I had been experiencing in my professional and personal life. (Read My Story)

Research revealed that female aggression and girl-bullying peaks in middle school and is a systemic problem that needs to be addressed in multiple ways. The most effective preventions involved a holistic approach. Combining educational awareness with real-world solutions as well as implementing pro-social programs for girls would be the key to empowering girls all over the world!

Pearl Girlz teaches girls to stop and think before they act or speak of another girl in a negative manner. Girls learn how to be assertive rather than aggressive in their relationships and friendships with other girls. It is rooted in educational research and based on the four characteristics that empower girls to be proud of their own unique identity, celebrate sisterhood, reflect beauty from the inside out, and think and act like the lady they want to become in the future.

Pearl Girlz is an inclusive organization for EVERY girl who believes and adheres to the notion that girls are stronger united than divided. Our mission is to Celebrate the Unique Pearl in Every Girl! Won’t you join our movement today? (Become a Member)