About Pearl Girlz, LLC.

Navigating through the social world of middle and high school girls presents some of the toughest challenges a girl ever faces. With the glamorization of "mean girls" at every turn on reality T.V., Hollywood movies, and social media, the images of unhealthy relationships between girls has become a widespread epidemic. Young girls have begun to accept this behavior as the appropriate way to treat each other.

Pearl Girlz, LLC is a girls’ empowerment organization dedicated to bringing educational awareness to the hidden culture of female aggression and girl bullying through prevention and prosocial training programs. Pearl Girlz provides workshops to girls 10-18 and teaches them to identify common types of girl bullying and how to diffuse aggressive situations involving other girls with dignity and self-respect. Prosocial and self-esteem workshops empower adolescents to see themselves as beautiful, confident, intelligent, future leaders who are on their own unique path to becoming phenomenal women. Educating girls on the real-world effects and lifelong consequences of posting negative words and images on social media websites is critical to the positive future social adjustment of young ladies. The long-term goal is to give participants real-world strategies that will empower each girl to celebrate the value of her own unique identity.